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Register for 2023 CCC Spring Symposium

The schedule for the 2023 CCC Spring Symposium can be found below!

2023 Herman Pines Award Winner – Prof. Omar Farha

The registration deadline for the 2023 Spring Symposium is April 28th, 2023 at 4 PM. In order to register, please pay the registration fee as described below and fill out this form:

If you have not paid your CCC annual membership dues, you must do so at the time of registration, unless you are attending the symposium as an invited speaker or industrial vendor. Please do so here:

Spring Symposum Fees

Professionals and Postdocs is $80.

Students is $35.

Spring Symposium fees may either be paid in advance through Venmo or at the door via cash or check. Pre-paying for attendance through Venmo is preferred. Please note, no-shows will still be required to pay for the cost of attendance due to contractual obligations for catering costs for the event.

Pay with Venmo – Preferred Method – CCC pays no extra fees

Scan the following QR code with your smartphone to open the Venmo app, or click here to proceed to the club Venmo account. When prompted, enter the correct membership fee ($80 for Professionals and Postdocs or $35 for Students) and complete the transaction.