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2023 Herman Pines Award in Catalysis

The 2023 Herman Pines award recipient is Prof. Omar Farha of Northwestern University. The Herman Pines award honors outstanding contributions in the field of catalysis. Please join us in person at the 2023 Catalysis Club of Chicago Symposium on May 2nd to celebrate Dr. Farha’s accomplishments and hear more about his work.

Herman Pines was an outstanding research scientist in both industry and academia, and his work revolutionized the general understanding of organic chemistry, particularly the chemistry of hydrocarbons interacting with strong acids. The Award in his honor is co-sponsored by UOP, where Herman Pines began his industrial career in 1930 and amassed 145 US patents, and by the Catalysis Club of Chicago of which Herman Pines was a founding member while at Northwestern University.

Professor Farha’s research addresses challenges in chemistry and materials science through the development of a platform of porous materials: MOFs. The applications for these materials range from energy and environment related applications to challenges in national defense. His contributions to the field of catalysis are both fundamental, employing atomically precise functional materials; and applied, with industrially-relevant solutions for gas storage and separation, catalysis, and detoxification. Farha’s approach to research is reminiscent of the combination of fundamental and practical catalyst science exemplified by Herman Pines, and for these contributions the Catalysis Club of Chicago is pleased to present the 2023 award to Prof. Omar Farha.