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Pines Award – 2023 Call for Nominations

The Catalysis Club of Chicago is soliciting nominations for the Herman Pines Award for outstanding research in the field of catalysis. Herman Pines was an outstanding research scientist in both industry and academia, and his work revolutionized the general understanding of organic chemistry, particularly the chemistry of hydrocarbons interacting with strong acids. The Award in his honor is co-sponsored by UOP, where Herman Pines began his industrial career in 1930 and amassed 145 US patents, and by the Catalysis Club of Chicago of which Herman Pines was a founding member while at Northwestern University.

The Award will be presented at the 2023 Catalysis Club of Chicago Spring Symposium in May 2023 and consists of a plaque, a cash award of $1,000 and reimbursement for travel and lodging as a plenary speaker at the Spring Symposium.

The nominee must meet the following criteria:
• Significant achievements in catalysis research over the past five years.
• For year 2023, the award will be given to a member of Academia or National Labs.
• Active member in catalysis community.
• A resident of North America.

Deadline for nomination is March 29, 2023.

Nominations should describe the specific work for which the nominee should be recognized. A complete curriculum vitae with letter(s) of support for the nominee must be included in the nomination, together with the description of work. Letters of nomination and supporting documentation must be sent as a single PDF document to:

Leigh Abrams
Honeywell UOP

Download a PDF version of this call

List of past award recipients of the Herman Pines Award:
1999 Prof. Harold Kung – Northwestern University
2000 Dr. John Monnier – Eastman Chemical Company
2001 Prof. Lanny Schmidt – University of Minnesota
2002 Dr. James Brazdil – BP
2003 Prof. James Dumesic – University of Wisconsin
2004 Dr. Alak Bhattacharyya – BP
2005 Prof. Israel Wachs – Lehigh University
2006 Dr. Jeff Miller – BP
2007 Prof. Chunshan Song – Pennsylvania State University
2008 Dr. Aleksey Yezerets – Cummins Inc.
2009 Prof. Tobin Marks – Northwestern University
2010 Dr. James Rekoske – UOP
2011 Prof. Jingguang Chen – University of Delaware
2012 Dr. Stuart Soled – ExxonMobil
2013 Prof. W. Nicholas Delgass – Purdue University
2014 Dr. Haiying Chen – Johnson Matthey
2015 Prof. Fabio Ribeiro – Purdue University
2016 Dr. DY Jan – Honeywell UOP
2017 Prof. Peter Stair – Northwestern University
2018 Dr. Jerzy Klosin – Dow
2019 Prof. Manos Mavrikakis – University of Wisconsin
2020 Dr. Christopher Nicholas – UOP
2021 Professor Paul Dauenhauer – University of Minnesota
2022 Dr. Ahmad Moini – BASF