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November 7, 2022

Gas Fermentation as a Process Platform for Fuels and Chemicals

Dr. Richard Rosin

LanzaTech – Director of Catalytic Conversion Technology

Join us IN PERSON ONLY at Maggiano’s Little Italy – Westfield Old Orchard Mall

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(4999 Old Orchard Ctr. Ste. A28, Skokie, Illinois, 60077-1480)


LanzaTech has commercialized technology to convert synthesis gas to ethanol.  Unlike traditional synthesis gas conversion technologies, LanzaTech’s technology utilizes a bio-catalyst.  This biocatalytic process has advantages over tradition thermo-catalytic processes.  LanzaTech is actively developing a diverse range of synthesis gas feedstocks, from steel mill off-gas to captured CO2 and green H2.  Ethanol is versatile platform molecule. LanzaTech is actively partnering with chemical companies and consumer products companies to move ethanol beyond fuels.  This talk will discuss the progress and status of gas fermentation technology and LanzaTech’s vision for circular carbon economy. 


Dr. Richard Rosin is LanzaTech’s Director of Catalytic Conversion Technology having joined LanzaTech in 2015. He has 40 plus years of experience in the research, development and scale-up of catalysts and processes for refining and petrochemical applications, much at UOP.


Student Speaker Flash Talk

The Dimensionality of Modern Organometallic Chemistry: Exploring Sulfated Zr MOFs as Well-Defined Supports for Enhancing Organoiridium Catalysis

Zoha Syed

Northwestern University, Department of Chemistry

Abstract and Bio

Zoha Syed is a 5th year Chemistry PhD candidate at Northwestern University and a Visiting Graduate Student in the Catalysis Science Program at Argonne National Laboratory. Her research involves exploring organometallic catalysis at diverse dimensions beyond the classical molecular examples. As such, she applies the principles of organometallic chemistry to a myriad of nontraditional materials including metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), metal-based clusters, and bulk species such as metal oxides or nitrides. In particular, Zoha will highlight her recent work involving sulfated Zr MOFs as supports for tuning reactivity of organoiridium complexes for C-H activation. Because MOFs are crystalline and well-defined, mechanistic insights were obtained that are difficult to delineate using the corresponding bulk support, sulfated zirconia. Results including structural characterization, acidity measurements, and supported organometallic catalysis will be presented.