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October 14, 2019

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Plasma-Assisted Catalytic Activation of N2 for Ammonia Synthesis

Prof. Jason Hicks
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Notre Dame University
Notre Dame, IN

ABSTRACT — Plasmas create incredibly reactive chemical environments and have a long history in chemical synthesis and removal of volatile organic compounds. Plasmas can be generated in the presence of a catalyst (plasma-assisted catalysis) to increase conversions and improve the selectivity to desired products.   Our research in the area of plasma-assisted catalysis is focused on the ability to control the catalyst performance by tuning the plasma environment or plasma-catalyst interactions.  We have been particularly interested in the use of non-thermal plasmas for C-H and N2 activation via dry reforming of methane and ammonia synthesis reactions, respectively. Specifically, this presentation will focus on 1) the reaction regime where catalyst-plasma interactions are observed for these reactions, 2) the various catalyst-plasma interactions observed, and 3) the role of the plasma in enhancing reaction efficiency.  This presentation will highlight our recent progress in controlling plasma-catalyst interactions to enhance reaction efficiency.